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Conferences, Grading and Reporting System


In November, parents and teachers will develop goals for the school year and review the first trimester report card. This will be done through a scheduled conference. 

In addition to the goal-setting conference in the Fall, students will receive report cards two more times during the school year.

Parents are welcome to request a conference with the teacher any time during the school year. We encourage ongoing communication and partnership between the home and school.


Cougars Count on Learning at Hodge!

In collaboration with faculty, staff, students and parents, our community shares a commitment to increase learning for all. 

Community works together to provide a caring, safe, respectful and productive learning environment for all students. Hodge sustains a school-wide focus on New California Standards, while affording multiple opportunities for students to develop the critical-thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration skills necessary to sustain life-long learning in the 21st Century.

Birthday Celebrations at Hodge

Since August of 2014, Hodge Elementary School has implemented a health-conscious policy regarding the celebration of birthdays at school. Food treats are no longer a part of student birthday celebrations. Children’s birthdays may be celebrated in class with each teacher acknowledging birthdays in a special way such as a birthday crown, singing "Happy Birthday," allowing a child to share a special book with the class, or in another manner appropriate for their age and grade.  There will continue to be opportunities for seasonal parties and other special events, but all food items need to meet the USDA and CDE nutrition guidelines. (See AUSD website and locate the Department of Nutrition Services for additional information:

The reasons for this change in policy include health concerns and the loss of instructional time.  While it may not sound like much instructional time is lost by recognizing a student’s birthday, when you multiply the time by 30 or more students, and realizing that not all birthday treats sent have been modest or easy to serve, it adds up to the equivalent of one or more days of lost instruction.  Additionally, several of our students have food-related health concerns, including allergies, obesity, diabetes, and sensitivities to dyes.  Also, it is not uncommon for more than one birthday treat to be delivered on the same day, resulting in two sweet treats in one day.

Although we are eager to celebrate all students and acknowledge their special day, it’s also important to maintain a safe, respectful and productive learning environment.

Thank you for supporting in our efforts to keep students healthy and focused to learn.

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Victoria Velasquez, Principal


Terri Aldrete, Secretary

Emergency Cards


Emergency cards are sent home at the beginning of the school year and are to be filled out completely by parents.

We suggest that the secondary contacts include local relatives or family friends.

Two emergency phone numbers must be provided in accordance with AUSD School Board Policy.

If your child becomes ill or injured at school, you will be called promptly. Therefore, it is extremely important that these cards are up to date.

If there are any changes during the school year, parents must contact the office to update the information.